28 February 2007


i’ve been really wrestling with the concept of value lately. we live in a culture of sales and good deals and are obsessed with getting the best price possible. in our thirst for more and more, we stretch each precious dollar, not because we need to for survival, but because then we can buy more things with the money “saved.” is this good stewardship? what if we actually paid the true value of what things were worth (materials, labor, relational cost, etc.). would we be more likely to take care of what we have if we had less do to having to spend more to pay the true cost of our things?

since living in a disaster zone, i have become concerned about how this kind of attitude affects how i respond and care for people. in my desire to help as many people as possible get into their homes, the cost-benefit ratios always take the side of what is cheapest and fastest and easiest. but what does this say about value. how much am i really valuing homeowners if i make no effort to connect on other levels besides the construction aspect of things. are they simply relegated as a means to an end (keeping volunteers happy and busy)? how much am i valuing people if i do my best to see that they get a house built, yet do nothing to address the fact that they cannot afford to keep it up? or if we put the cheapest, easiest and quickest things into a home only to see our hastiness lead to congestive failure 10 years down the road.

christ came to this earth to pay the full price that each and every one of us are worth. it cost him everything; family, career, even his life. i want to learn to value people what they are worth; homeowners, volunteers, coworkers, housemates and friends. to not allow cost, speed or difficulty stand in the way of taking the time to do things well. all of that takes time, costs much and means that in the broad sense, i have less (quantitative, but more qualitative)...

26 February 2007

converge |kənˈvərj| |kənˌvərdʒ| |kənˌvəːdʒ|
verb [ intrans. ]
(of several people or things) come together from different directions so as eventually to meet

25 February 2007

who knew

snow is good for my soul, but my heart is still tied to mississippi something fierce.

23 February 2007


sankofa - an Akan word that means, we must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward; so we understand why and how we came to be who we are today

i’m on a sankofa. this trip has been one of rediscovering and reconnecting with pockets of my past here in chicago. north park, reba, austin and the great collective of friends and people who interconnect those past realities. along this journey i’m realizing that i’m rediscovering myself. for in each place i had different dreams and joys and stuggles and in each place i had different hopes and prayers and life. so as i reconnect to these places, i find different parts of me and am reminded of how i’ve come through this journey and am starting to see clearer glimpses of the hand of god intricately weaving people and places and events into the collective “my life.” such goodness, such grace.

so why do i fear and fret? why do i feel at times that god is absent in my present circumstances, why can i not fully trust that god continues to do what he has been doing all along and fully dive into faithful living in the here and now? these questions abound and inevitably lead to wrestling with the future...

looking backwards to move forwards... such goodness, such grace.

22 February 2007

currently: sitting in carabou coffee with chicago trib... ahhh

19 February 2007

my morning

5:00am - alarm rips through the peaceful morning silence
5:05am - the lovely roommate linda takes me to the airport
5:15am - arrive at gulfport/biloxi international airport
5:24am - arrive at security checkpoint
6:32am - clear security, instantaneously board plane that should have left 15 minutes ago (plane half full, other half still hanging out with tsa folks)
7:03am - departure (plane full of tired, grumpy people who are simply relieved that it didn't leave without them)
8:00am - arrival in memphis
8:46am - departure (plane full of much less grumpy, more wakeful personalities)
10:31am - arrive at ohare via beautiful city fly-over. peel butt out of seat i've been in for 4 hours and head to baggage. my suitcase is the first one out (i am both surprised and pleased)
11:28am - strolling through north park. sweet home chicago .

18 February 2007

13 February 2007

gospel tuesdays are good for the soul

09 February 2007


breathe in.
breathe out.

so simple. so pure. so rhythmic.

breathe in.
breathe out.

so basic. so ingrained. so necessary.

breathe in.
breathe out.


06 February 2007

words along the journey


05 February 2007

moving thoughts...

-no matter how hard i try, i still end up accumulating so many things i don’t need
-four blocks might as well be forty when it comes to loading and unloading truck loads
-everything we buy comes in way too much packaging
-a tiny porch filled with great people is ridiculously fun
-space to be is a must-have for introverts
-carpet makes tootsies smile
-floors to lay on are a good, good thing (especially when your lower back is sore after moving)
-newness allows for big dreams and lots of creativity
-this process will be good for our entire household

03 February 2007

home sweet home

we in the new pad... finally a sanctuary and a home :).