23 July 2007

pausing for a good cry.

mississippi is crying again.

practically, this means half of the streets in gulfport are flooded and my backyard is now a bayou, not to mention the waterfall coming off the roof and onto my front steps.

really though, mississippi has a lot to cry about (and if you’ve ever experienced a mississippi summer, you’d know how much rain we tend to get down here). the gulf coast is still in a world of hurt. far too many homeowners and families are still in fema trailers. far too little of the major funding has broken through the red tape and has completed the metamorphous into actual building supplies. far too many agencies and groups do not trust one another enough to extend a hand in partnership and collaboration. far too many concrete slabs remind all what kind of communities used to be...

mississippi also has plenty of joyful tears. with each passing day, more and more people are getting back in homes. more volunteers continue to show up with willing hands, hearts and wallets. more and more churches are starting to get their footing and start to reach out into their local communities again. more debris is cleaned up, more communities are coming back together, more than expected is manifested in countless thousands of lives. more continues to be enough...

yes, mississippi is crying again. and once the tears cease to flow (for today), we will all pick up where we left off. surrounded by so much good and so much bad, so much hope and so much despair, mississippi will continue to carry on (with many more tears along the way).

thanks be to god.

21 July 2007

too many times we see the fog in the clarity

(pax217 lyrics, not my own words)