29 February 2008

Kitty Litter Contradiction

whoever named a cat litter brand “tidy cats” obvious never realized that there isn’t much tidy about litter boxes...

28 February 2008

blackberries and mud are not a match made in heaven...

27 February 2008

Ain"t Gonna be no Trucker

I have been in the process of learning that hauling cargo is definitely not my calling.

26 February 2008

25 February 2008

phrases i never though i would utter:

my cat caught a frog in my trailer tonight...

good job kitty. sorry froggy. actually, though very frightened and surprised, little froggy leaped happily out the front door when set free (much to the disappointment of one proud kitty).

24 February 2008

My Day

8:00 - wake up to alarm i forgot to shut off. enjoy kitties and laying in bed with no pressing matters at hand
8:52 - plan to not deal with anything or anybody work related thrown out the window
8:53 - get up, make breakfast, watch memphis/tennessee game replay
9:48 - watch lost sneak peaks for upcoming episode and chat with friend about their eternal significance and then discover my “Lost” Sawyer nickname: Ferdinand
10:59 - more work intrusion
11:00 - watch a moon landing conspiracy program
11:21 - research the confessing church movement within the pcusa
11:58 - head out to face the day
3:38 - trip #1 to gulfport
5:29 - trip #2 to gulfport
6:30 - dinner
7:30 - orientation
9:08 - back to gautier for the evening

pretty much not at all what i expected or hoped for, but ‘tis the craziness of life in the south

23 February 2008

nothing beats topping off a long crazy week like some mississippi hockey. alright, so the hockey really wasn’t a great game, but it sure was nice to get out with some fun people and enjoy getting away from the craziness of life... definitely looking forward for a little down time tomorrow morning, before jumping back into the craziness.

22 February 2008

I am hopelessly addicted to “Lost.”

21 February 2008

time for a new look and feel. i’m not such a fan of the background, but i think i like the papery look...

20 February 2008

Why do we care?

It’s time for the NFL Scouting Combine again. Nothing like a bunch of amazing physical specimens acting like livestock in an effort to turn $300,000 into 30,000,000. All in the name of entertainment.

Oh wait, I’m addicted to football...

19 February 2008

'Tis the Season

One of the down sides of living in Mississippi is that allergy season sure hits a lot earlier than the northland. Every year when they roll around, I get all buddy-buddy with a box of tissues and decongestants and do my best not to completely sell out and pay homage to Plato (“body bad, dulls the mind” to horribly parapharse). At least i can take solace in the fact that I’m enjoying 60* temps in February...

18 February 2008


we here in the herdegen trailer have now had three accident free days in a row. talk about learning to celebrate the little things...

17 February 2008

top sports moments of the weekend

5. nba all star game
4. newman’s daytona 500 masterpiece
3. dwight howard’s dunk contest
2. wild’s pierre mark-brouchard through 4 defenders
1. phillies prank

16 February 2008

Fantastic Felines

The kitties went to the vet today. Both are now up to speed on their shots and in pretty great shape. Oscar has a slight heart murmur that i had been suspicious of, but hopefully it will be something that he will outgrow (and if his ears are any indication, he’s got plenty of growing left). I’ve now lived with them for just over six weeks. Definitely glad to have them around...

15 February 2008

History Lesson

I’ve been watching a documentary series on the history of the United States’ conquest of the west. It’s been pretty disheartening: both in the events that took place and my ignorance of my own country’s history...

14 February 2008

Our thoughts and prayers are with you NIU...

13 February 2008

Play Ball

Pitchers and Catchers reported today... wow.

We The People

I’m having issues with Congress’ involvement in baseball’s steroids/hgh issues. This is not to say that i fully agree with how MLB has handled anything up to this point (the whole turn a blind eye to make money and only go as far as you can get away with method). I definitely am in the “baseball spent way too long pretending nothing was happening” camp and hold MLB decision makers and team owners primarily responsible for turning a blind eye to the happenings of an era.

However, members of the congressional committee and other lawmakers keep insisting that they are opening their investigation in order to protect children and young athletes from causing irreversible harm to their bodies. Thus my issue: can anybody honestly say that the biggest threat to our youth today is performance enhancing drugs? Is anyone prepared to defend such ludicrous assertions against the threats of a pathetic health care system, poorly funded schools, teen alcohol and tobacco abuse, or even depression/eating disorders/self image issues? Please...

12 February 2008

A Scientifically Verified Statement

Feeding cats wet cat food who are used to dry kitty chow makes for stinky evening in trailer...

11 February 2008

busy day makes for sleepy kerry...

10 February 2008

Slowing Down to Learn Gratitude

I was sick today. Not the puking all over the place kind, or the phlegmy kind. Just the out cold on the couch all day long kind. I don’t think I’ve slept so much in a long, long time. Missed out on church, football, and Mardi Gras goodness with erin. Poo...

It did get me thinking, however, how fortunate I am that other than a few tough days with allergies now and then or the occasional flu bug, that I really have much to be thankful for in the health category.

I know that others are not so fortunate. How tough it must be to have a body that gets in the way of “normal” functioning. To have social events and getting out ‘n about as exceptions to the norm and not part of daily life.

So tonight I am grateful...

09 February 2008

not on the clearance rack...

I watched “The Constant Gardner” this evening. Every time I watch it, I end up feeling like a slacker. I mean, honestly, what have I done to become more involved in the hideous injustices of the world. Would I be willing to set so many comforts aside and dive head-long into what appears to be a winless battle. If only big drug companies were the only naughty institutions and people out there... How does one start to not just say they care or throw $20 here and there, but actually start to live in such a way that good is perpetuated...

or maybe i’m just scared of what it will cost...

08 February 2008

All in a Day's Work

I spent the day outside in shorts and a t-shirt. Incredible. Never, ever, in my life did I ever think that I would see weather like this in February. The cats sure ate it up too. I had dreams of watching the T-wolves game with them tonight. Unfortunately they’re a bit tuckered out...

07 February 2008

06 February 2008


So I usually don’t do this whole Lent thing. Really, in my mind, it seems rather arbitrary that I should just pick something to give up and do my best to spend the next few weeks being a good boy about it. It really is tricky business. I can’t give up something that is too special or too important, because I would hate to actually sacrifice something that would make me live differently. I can’t give up anything too mundane, for then I’m not really trying and really just “giving” something up to feel like I’m a part of the giving club.

For example: I could give up television for the next few weeks. But then I would actually have to miss shows like Lost and March Madness and other things I enjoy watching. I could add a bunch of exceptions into the mix, like allow those things I really do care a lot about and let’s not forget ESPN and such. But really all that I am left with is a watered down commitment to not watch public television, the shopping network and that channel that only comes in spanish anyways. Thus, I have created the latter category: giving something up to feel a part of the club. Who knew this whole spiritual thing could be so much work?

Now don’t get me wrong. I really do like the idea of discipline and the power that the lack of something can have on how we reshape, refocus and reorient our lives. So this year I’m going to, gulp, attempt to try things a bit differently. Instead of temporarily removing something from my life, I am going to add to its abundance.

This Lenten season, I will be adding words to my daily life. No, I’m not writing a book, an essay or even a shopping list. I’m talking about this here thing we call blogging. For the next few weeks I will be undertaking posting as a way of taking from the myriad of events/thoughts/etc that compose my life and throw some variation of such into cyberspace in order to learn a little bit more about myself through the process of addition. And lookey here... day one is in the books :)