22 August 2008

Spaghetti Strikes Again

I got to cook for the boys again tonight. We had spaghetti with mushroom sauce, bread with jam and mangos all to be washed down with old faithful, Hawaiian Punch. They picked the menu and were ever so helpful in the kitchen (read, I’m impressed the pasta made it in the pot, etc.).

It actually worked out pretty well. Rita has been visiting her mother the past few days and it is definitely a lot of work for Birendra to keep up on his own. Friday night is also the big market night and this gave him a chance to get away for a bit and do some socializing and shopping for the home. It also meant that I got some really quality time in with the boys and we sure enjoyed the evening.

I keep feeling pretty grateful for the way things continue to work themselves out the past few weeks. As far as endings go, I really couldn’t ask for much more. Now if I can just talk ‘em into doing my laundry and packing for me...

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