24 August 2008

Wrapping up the loose ends...

Well, I’ve finished filling out all the feedback forms and I think I’ve managed to fit most everything back in my bag (plus a few goodies of course). So that pretty much winds down the background part of finishing and all that jazz. I’m not really sure how much I will be posting over the next two weeks as I traipse around the countryside. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a bunch of stuff and throwing it all up when I get back and I’ve also contemplated taking a break from all the writing. So I guess we will both just have to wait and see. Tomorrow I will spend a good part of the day at the Home and will hit the trail sometime late afternoon and head into Delhi.

Real briefly, here’s how things are panning out for the travels:
Monday-Wednesday: Kickin’ in New Delhi
Thursday: Traveling to Jaipur
Friday-Saturday: Hangin’ in and around Jaipur
Sunday: Traveling to Agra
Monday-Tuesday: Rockin’ the Agra (Taj Mahal at sunrise is the main attraction)
After Agra is when things get a little fuzzy... Depending on mood, ambition, etc it’ll either be in the direction of Nanital or Hardiwar/Mussoorie. Either way, the plan is to head for the hills (literally) and find a great spot in the foothills of the Himalayas for some R&R and time away from crazy tourist stuff. Either way, the plan is to head back to Delhi on the 5th or 6th of September and see the boys one more time before flying out early on the 7th. The layover in Mumbai is a long one (17 hours or so) and that means the chance to spend a day there (minus luggage, almost like it was planned that way) before continuing on for the States touching down in Chicago early afternoon on the 8th (i hope).


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  1. here's to dreams of chicago dogs and world series :)